Airtel Data Balance Check Number & USSD Code to Know 4G/5G Data Availability

Introduction, Monitoring balances of all different sorts, such as the main balance, data balance, and SMS validity period for Airtel, is a crucial yet simple chore for consumers. The balance may be verified within a few minutes thanks to new methods that have emerged for consumers to obtain the most details about the Airtel plan they are using.

Airtel Data Balance Check Number 4G/5G Data Availability

With the Airtel Data Check Code 2024, you may check your data balance. You may learn about numerous SIM-related facts with the use of USSD codes. Read on if you’re a new Airtel client and are unsure how to check your 4G net balance. Simply read How To Check Airtel Data Balance and enter the Airtel Data Check Code 2024 to check your internet data balance or any other service balance.

Airtel Balance Check Codes/Number: How to Check Airtel Data, SMS Balance, Plan, Validity Online & Via USSD Code Step-by-step instructions for checking your Airtel data, balance, and SMS The next crucial step after purchasing a smartphone is to check the balance on your prepaid phone. The data balance, main balance, and SMS to the prepaid Airtel phone may all be checked in a number of ways.

Read on for a step-by-step explanation of how to check your Airtel balance using the Airtel Thanks app, USSD code, website, and Airtel customer service hotline.

There may be several instances where consumers are in a panic because they do not have enough main balance, data balance, or SMS balance to complete the immediate activity. Better to be aware of the balance on your Airtel prepaid number at all times and avoid falling victim to these flaws.

Different Ways to check data balance in Airtel

Check data balance in Airtel via Thanks app

Maintain the Airtel Thanks app on your phone. Due to the fact that this software can instantly check the relevant balance information and offer the simplest option to recharge.

The Airtel Thanks app helps handle all the information in one location or platform while hardly chatting for a significant portion of the day. Users may also connect their UPI IDs to the app to make payments quickly and continue receiving services.

Follow the instructions below to activate the app:

  1. Depending on the device being used, download the Airtel Thanks app from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. following the app’s download. By adding your prepaid Airtel number, sign up for more information at one platform.
  3. You’ll receive the OTP on the registered number by doing this. Input the OTP into the app so that it can keep you logged in.
  4. Users may now monitor the app’s data balance after activating it. On the app’s home page, you can view the current data plan.
  5. Also, if the user only has access to one service, stay on the “manage” page so they can view their data balance and recharge dashboard.
  6. Stay on the “Manage” page of the Airtel service to view the remaining data. You may view a dashboard for charging here.

All of the pertinent details about the registered number, including SMS validity, remaining daily data, and unlimited calls, are included in the recharge dashboard.

The information for all of the user’s Airtel services, including DTH, prepaid, broadband, etc., may be displayed if they are all owned by the same person. To do so, click on the little tab that appears to the left of the “Manage” page. The customer will then be sent to a new website where they may check their remaining data under the category of prepaid connection services.

With the USSD code, check your Airtel data balance.

The user may learn the data balance and more by using a number of specific USSD codes. Here are few of the majorly used USSD codes

Start with going to the phone app on your device

  • To check Airtel data balance, dial *123*10#
  • To check SMS Balance dial *121*7#
  • Use  *121*2#  USSD code to check Airtel plan validity
  • Dial *123# on the phone app to check Airtel talktime balance.
  • And to check the postpaid Airtel data dial *121#
  • These few USSD codes can help you to get the desired information.

Check Data Balance in Airtel Via Website

On the corporate website, customers can also check their Airtel SIM’s data balance. Visit the Airtel website and log in to your account to see the information about the connections you hold.

Use the customer support resources of Airtel to check your data balance.

The toll-free customer service number for Airtel is another option available to users. Once more, doing so is a simple approach to verify the data balance.

Call the 121 customer support number for assistance with that, 198 for Airtel connection complaints, and 1909 for DND services. Users can also recharge the dial 123 plan, in addition.

How to Check Airtel Main Balance, SMS, Plan and Validity

You can quickly check your primary balance, SMS balance, Airtel recharge plan, and validity using the many methods Airtel offers. To obtain the aforementioned information, users can either utilise the application or USSD codes.

  • To check your primary Airtel balance, SMS, plan, and validity, follow these steps.

How can I check my Airtel Data Balance using Airtel’s self-care services?

Airtel offers “self-care services,” which, while similar to the Airtel Thanks app, is a web-based programme, in contrast to Jio and Vodafone. You only need to go into your Airtel account to view your remaining data allowance.

If you’re having trouble finding the self-service website, just type “Airtel self-service” into Google, and the site will show up as the first result.

Have your phone close by because the website asks for your cell number and an OTP in order to log in. The self-care dashboard is displayed to you when you log in, and you may use it to check the services you need.

How to Check Airtel Recharge Plan and Validity

With the app and USSD codes, customers can also verify the validity of Airtel recharge plans. One may access the app’s home screen and choose the primary balance to launch it. You may check the validity of the Airtel recharge plan you are presently using there.

In terms of USSD codes, you may dial *123# to see if your Airtel mobile number is active. As an alternative, you may get more information about your recharge plan and its validity by dialling *121*2#.

Check Airtel 4G Internet Balance On Dongle

By following these easy steps, users may quickly check the amount on their Airtel 4G dongle:

  • Turn on your Airtel dongle by connecting it to your laptop.
  • Type as the IP address of the dongle in your browser.
  • The login screen will appear when you hit Enter. The default password is “admin”. Click the login button after entering your information.
  • The user interface for the Airtel 4G dongle is now visible. Choose “Data Usage” under “Information” from the list of options. You will see your remaining balance, validity, and pack name.

How to Check Airtel Main Balance?

You can check your Airtel balance by simply using the Airtel Thanks application. Just follow these steps:

  • To check your Airtel balance, just download the Airtel Thanks app. Take these actions:
  • Download the Airtel Thanks app from the ITunes App Store or Google Play.
  • Open the app and sign in using your Airtel number and OTP. Go back to the home screen to view the Airtel primary balance there.
  • If you want to know your primary Airtel balance, you may also utilise USD codes. You may view your Airtel main balance in a pop-up message by simply dialling *123# from your dialer app.

How to check Airtel SMS Balance?

The aforementioned methods may be easily followed to check your SMS balance.

To obtain information about their SMS balance, users may download and install the Airtel Thanks app and go to the home screen. As an alternative, you may access your Airtel SMS balance by phoning 1217# and then entering the 8-digit code.

Check Airtel 4G data speed

By installing the internet speed test app on your smartphone, you can quickly determine the internet speed for your Airtel number. Many programmes, like Ookla Speedtest and others, may be used to check the download and upload speeds on the Airtel network.

App to Check Airtel Balance Without Thanks

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have the app on your smartphone. The methods listed below still allow you to check your Airtel balance on your mobile device:

using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Code. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a GSM protocol that is often referred to as fast codes or features codes. It is used to receive data from the mobile network, SIM card, or cellular device. USSD code, to put it simply, is an extra-UI protocol that individuals may use to access secret functionality.

Main balance check*123#
Number check*282#
Talk time loan*141# or dial 52141
Data loan code*141# or call 52141
Miss call alert service*888#
Unlimited packs*121*1#
Voice or roaming
Postpaid current bill
plan check
SMS “BP” To 121
Postpaid due/pending
amount check
SMS “OT” To 121
Postpaid bill payment
SMS “PMT” To 121
Postpaid current plan
usage check
SMS “UNB” To 121
Data balance check
for 2G users
Airtel gift serviceDial *141#
Airtel hello tunesDial *678#
Airtel Facebook serviceDial *325#
Airtel Twitter serviceDial *515#
Airtel free Wynk detailDial *121*8# Then Type 6
Airtel voice packs detailDial *121*8# Then Type 7
Airtel SMS packs detailDial *121*8# Then Type 8

To check your Airtel balance for various purposes, there are a variety of USSD codes available.

These are what they are:

You may get information about your Airtel net balance, plan validity, and other things right away by using the aforementioned USSD codes.

Using SMS

Sending text messages to the following numbers will allow users to check their Airtel balance, establish or terminate a new service, manage other services, and more.

1. Send ‘START’ to 121 to purchase a new service
2. Send ‘STOP’ to 121 to opt out of a service
3. Send ‘START 0’ to 1909 to activate the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode
4. SMS ‘PORT’ to 1909 to port your postpaid number
5. Send ‘Short Code’ to manage all your Airtel services

Through Missed Calls

Dial 12131To check Airtel offers available on your usage
Dial 123To get the Airtel recharge code
Dial 1909To activate DND mode on Airtel

For checking your Airtel balance and other details associated with your postpaid number, give missed calls on the numbers mentioned below:

In addition to these two methods, there is also another method to check the Airtel balance. This includes checking the balance through the Airtel website. So, let’s find out how to do so in detail below:

How to Check Airtel Balance through the Website ?

You can use the website to your advantage if you don’t want to download the Airtel Thanks app, send text messages, or USSD codes.

In order to check the balance on the website, follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Click to access the Airtel website.
  • Step 2: Enter your cellphone number to log in to the website. You will then get an OTP on your phone.
  • Enter the OTP in Step 3 to access the website.
  • Step 4: Go to the dashboard where your Airtel number is shown after entering the OTP.
  • Step 5: Verify the principal balance, SMS balance, Airtel internet balance, and further information.

Now that you are aware of the many ways to check your Airtel balance, read on to discover some of the top postpaid plans available:

399 Rupee Plan

One of our entry-level postpaid plans, it offers features like a free Amazon Prime subscription, a 40GB data rollover, 100 SMS per day, unlimited local, STD, and international calls, and access to the Airtel Xstream app.

499 Rupee Plan

This package offers free access to the Airtel Xstream app and OTT perks including free subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar. Also, it comes with common features like unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls, 100 SMS per day, and 75 GB of internet rollover.


Some of the simplest ways to check your Airtel balance are the ones mentioned above. Users have a choice of information gathering methods.

List of All Airtel USSD Codes

S.noUSSD CodesFeatures
1Main balance check*123#
2Number check*282#
4Talk time loan*141# or dial 52141
5Data loan code*141# or call 52141
6Miss call alert service*888#
7Unlimited packs*121*1#
8Voice or roaming packs*222#
9Data balance check for 2G users*121*9#
10Airtel gift serviceDial *141#
11Airtel hello tunesDial *678#
12Airtel Facebook serviceDial *325#
13Airtel Twitter serviceDial *515#
14Airtel free Wynk detailDial *121*8# Then Type 6
15Airtel voice packs detailDial *121*8# Then Type 7
16Airtel SMS packs detailDial *121*8# Then Type 8