How to tax NRIs’ real estate investments?

NRIs are required to pay tax on the proceeds from the rent or sale of a home in India. Although the NRI – Non-Resident in India and Non-Resident Indian names seem to be the same, they have different meanings under the Income Tax Act and FEMA. They are considered Resident … Read more

Benefits of Financial Planning

Financial planning paves the way for future happiness and success. In addition to financial freedom for individuals, it allows them to make the right decisions. Gives confidence and self-confidence in family members. They are reassured that everything is going according to plan. ఆర్థిక Financial planning is useful for understanding future … Read more

These Five Investments are Guaranteed for Loans

Investments in financial planning are not just about creating wealth, they are about saving money in times of emergency. In such cases, the investment may be discontinued or withdrawn. However, in some cases we need small amounts of money, but it is better to stop investing more than that. In … Read more

5 Tips for Foreign Currency Exchange …

Many people want to go on a trip abroad with their family and friends during the festive holidays. Airlines also offer huge discounts on tickets for those who want to travel abroad during the festive season. Needless to say, it offers more incentives for those who want to go on … Read more

Want to buy a new car? How much will it cost?

Car luxury in the past days .. now necessary. Although buying a car is not easy, car loans offered by various banks make people interested in buying them. Experts want to break even on the pretext of getting low interest loans. It is advisable to buy a car keeping in … Read more

ELSS, ULIP. which is better?

There is a big difference between ELSS and ULIP with tax exemption. Before choosing these investment tools, the wholesale investor needs to know about them. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS): Equity-Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) is a diversified equity mutual fund that invests mostly in equity instruments. Yields from ELSS investments … Read more

If similar cash transactions occur. IT notice will come.

Various investment platforms such as the Income Tax Department, banks, mutual fund companies, and brokerages have tightened regulations to reduce public cash transactions. Imposed certain restrictions on cash transactions. Violations of these rules may result in notices from the Income Tax Department. Here are the top 5 cash transactions that … Read more

Home loan. let’s see all this …

Those who are looking for ownership can say that there are favorable conditions right now. While there are some discount on homes in the real estate market, interest rates are still affordable compared to the past. It is never a good idea to take a single low interest rate as … Read more