UCO Bank ATM Block, How to Block UCO Bank ATM Card

How To Disable UCO Bank Debit Card 2024, Debit card use in the nation has reached an all-time high, according to recent surveys. Debit card blocking has become more common due to an increase in cybercrimes caused by the increasing usage of debit cards, digital wallets, and other digital platforms.

UCO Bank ATM Block

No one may use the debit card to conduct any form of transaction once it has been hot-listed.

UCO Bank ATM Block Number

24/7 Toll Free no: 1800 103 0123
HOT<space>xxxx and send to 9230192301

The actions banks take

in an effort to provide its customers with a secure banking experience. Banks like UCO Bank provide a variety of backup options that guarantee a debit card that has been lost, forgotten, or destroyed won’t be used inappropriately, protecting customers from financial losses.

How to disable an ATM card Consider hotlisting your debit card if you can’t find it or if you’ve seen any unauthorised transactions on it. A UCO Bank debit card can be blocked in one of three methods, which are detailed below:

1, By text message: To stop a debit card, send a message to the bank at

The SMS message format is HOTSpace>Last 4 Debit Card Digits>. As an alternative, the format HOTSpace>14-digit account number> can be used.

Customers can contact the bank’s 24-hour customer service by calling 1800 1030 123, or they can send an email to uco.custcare@ucobank.co.in, if this service is not accessible.

2, Over the phone: Customers can also hotlist their debit cards by phoning UCO Bank’s customer service at 1800 2740 123.

A phone banker would welcome the caller and ask for information such as name, date of birth, address, or account number to confirm the latter’s identification.

The executive handles the caller’s request after walking them through the debit card banning procedure.

The process for requesting a new debit card connected to the primary account would then be explained to the caller.

3, By going to the bank: A debit card can also be hot-listed by going to the nearby UCO Bank branch.

4, Through mobile banking: Customers can request a new debit card by downloading the bank’s app if they have signed up for mobile banking services with the bank.

Then sign in and select the Debit Card Blocking option.

5, By mail: Sending a message to custcare@ucobank.co.in is the final method accessible to UCO Bank customers who want to block a debit card.

How to unblock or reset password

  • By repeatedly typing the erroneous online banking password, many users unintentionally disable their debit cards.
  • As a result, using the debit card for further purchases can be prohibited.
  • At https://bit.ly/2FyeTo4, one must sign in with a username and password to unlock the debit card.
  • The services on the banned card can then be restored by changing the password.