Indian Bank ATM Block, How to Block ATM Card of Indian Bank

You can also ask a bank employee to freeze or add your ATM card or credit card to a hotlist by going to the nearest Indian bank location. Also, you can apply for a new ATM card by paying a few service fees.

Indian Bank ATM Block

There is a danger that the ATM card will be misused if it is found. The full balance in your account may be withdrawn by the individual. To avoid misuse, you should immediately block or add the missing card to your hotlist. Indian Bank provides several options for blocking a stolen ATM card.

Indian Bank Debit Card Block

You can quickly block the Card by selecting any one of several methods. Let’s learn about the many techniques for barring ATM cards from Indian Banks.

IB ATM Block Number

How to block an ATM card from an Indian bank, There are 6 techniques. Any of these techniques will allow you to quickly disable an Indian bank’s ATM card.

  • Call the toll-free number for customer service to block the ATM card.
  • By paid number from India Bank
  • Stop ATM cards by emailing
  • by the nearby branch of India Bank
  • Using online banking
  • Use the IndOASIS app to block an India Bank ATM card.

Block ATM card of Indian bank Using Toll-Free Number 

  • You can ask to have your ATM card blocked by calling the 24-hour toll-free hotline number.
  • Use your registered cellphone number to call 180042500000, the national toll-free number.
  • To speak with a customer care representative, follow the IVR instructions.
  • Filter your ATM card by filing a complaint.
  • Executive confirmation has been requested in questions.
  • The executive must receive accurate information from you.
  • The ATM card will block following confirmation. On your registered mobile, you will get a success message with the reference number.

Block Indian Bank Debit Card Using Paid Numbers 

  • You can call paid numbers in addition to toll-free numbers to request to block the Card.
  • Using your registered mobile number, dial 044-25279884, 044-25279897, 044-25279898, or 044-25279899.
  • Observe the IVR prompts to connect with a customer service representative.
  • Requesting to have an ATM card blocked involves the same steps throughout.

Send Email to Block Indian Bank Debit Card 

  • You can send a request through Email to block an ATM card. 
  • Mention relevant details of card, account and account holder and send an Email to or  
  • Once the ATM card is blocked, you will receive a confirmation email from the bank.

Block Indian Bank ATM Card by Visiting the Branch 

  1. If the aforementioned techniques for blocking an ATM card make you uneasy, you can visit the home branch and ask to have the Card blocked.
  2. Inform the accounts executive of your want to block the ATM card when you meet with them.
  3. Provide the precise justification for blocking the Card.
  4. If necessary, you may be asked to provide supporting documentation, so be prepared by carrying a passbook, identification, and, if at all possible, the letter that came with your ATM card.
  5. After checking the information, the executive will block the lost Card and let you know.
  6. Indian Bank offers several ways to instantly disable ATM cards.
  7. Make your decision to block the debit card as soon as possible.
  8. A stolen card could be used to make unauthorised withdrawals from your account. Quickly decide whether to block the Card.