NEFT/RTGS Form of CBI Bank, Central Bank of India RTGS form / NEFT Form 2024, Download

Central Bank of India RTGS, NEFT Form PDF If you want to download Central Bank Of India RTGS/NEFT Form PDF then you have come to the right place. In this post, you can download the Central Bank Of India RTGS/NEFT Form through the link given inside this article.

NEFT/RTGS Form of CBI Bank

A service known as RTGS allows banks to move money from one account to another. A person can transfer funds greater than Rs. 2 lakh from a Central Bank of India account using the RTGS form. For transfers of less than 2 lakh rupees from a Central Bank of India account, The RETGS | NEFT form of the Central Bank of India is also used.

Central Bank of India RTGS form / NEFT Form 2024, Download

How to Complete an RTGS Form at the Central Bank of India? There are a number of parts on the Central Bank of India’s RTGS form that must be completed.

  • Start by entering general information like the branch name and the date.
  • The applicant’s name, address, phone number, and email address should be entered.
  • Fill out the beneficiary account information now. Name, account number, cellphone number, bank name, and amount.
  • If you are using a check to make your payment, provide the check number. Please sign your name in the box below.

Charges for RTGS and NEFT from the Central Bank of India The floor limit for RTGS transactions is Rs. 2 lakh for customers. There is no upper bound.

SlabCharges through
 BranchNet Banking/mob-Banking
Rs.2.00 lakh to Rs.5.00 lakhRs.24.50NIL
Above Rs. 5.00 lakhRs.49.50

Charges for NEFT transactions :

SlabCharges through
 BranchNet Banking/mob-Banking
Upto Rs.10,000/-Rs.2.50NIL
Above Rs.10,000/- and up to Rs.1.00 lakhRs.5.00
Above Rs.1.00 lakh up to Rs.2.00 lakhRs.15.00
Above Rs.2.00 lakhRs.25.00

No minimum or maximum amount is set for a given consumer. The restrictions for NEFT transactions made through Internet Banking are listed below. However, the maximum NEFT amount for walk-in customers who deposit cash is Rs. 50,000.