CBI Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, Central Bank of India Mobile Number Form 2024

How can I update my mobile number at the Central Bank of India? While the banks refer to it as the registered mobile number, we refer to it as the mobile number. In essence, this is the contact information you gave the bank so they may get in touch with you.

Central Bank of India Mobile Number Change Form 2024

The banks send information such as your transactions, OTP, and other details using this number. You must make sure that your phone number is current if you want to continue receiving communications. I’ll explain how to update or modify your cellphone number in your Central Bank of India account in this post.

CBI Mobile Number Change Online & Offline,

Although the procedure is relatively straightforward, it cannot be done online. Nevertheless, there is a reason why banks often forbid internet transactions. And the rationale is that the cellphone number is a crucial KYC component. So, the banks in India are particularly stringent when it comes to KYC. Hence, you will just need to use the offline technique. You shouldn’t worry, though, as the offline technique is also incredibly simple.

Steps to Change Mobile Number in Central Bank of India Account Follow the instructions given below

Download CBI KYC Form for Mobile Number UpdationDownload

Steps to Update Mobile Number in CBI Account:

  • Take an A4-sized piece of paper.
  • Address your cover letter to the manager of your home branch.
  • “Change of Registered Mobile Number” should be the letter’s subject line.
  • Explain that you have changed the cellphone number in the letter’s body.
  • And you wish to update the bank records to reflect the same.
  • Verify that you have accurately stated both the new cellphone number and your account number.
  • Choose any of the identification documents you have on hand. (Voter ID card, PAN card, or Aadhaar card)
  • Make your signature on a clean photocopy of the document that you have taken.
  • Now send it to the bank personnel along with the application letter and the self-attested photocopy.


The banks often respond to requests to change cellphone numbers within one to two business days. After delivering the letter to the bank staff, exercise patience. But please remember that bank employees will never ask for your login, password, or any other personal information. You shouldn’t reply if you ever receive a call asking for such information. Contact the bank’s customer service department at 1800 22 1911 for additional details. Using this toll-free number, you may contact a bank assistance representative.