UBI Balance Check Number, UBI Missed Call Number 2024, UBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number

Balance Check for Union Bank of India through Missed Call 2024 Customers of Union Bank of India may quickly check the amount of money in their account by using the internet banking and mobile banking services. In addition, consumers can use the SMS Banking feature offered by Union Bank of India, albeit there may be associated SMS fees. Customers also have access to the missed call service. The client’s number must be registered with Union Bank of India for this.

UBI Balance Check

The consumer only needs to make a missed call to the Union Bank of India customer service number after that, and the bank will reply with the account holder’s most recent account balance. We’ve included some advantages of using the service as well as instructions on how to utilise Union Bank of India’s missed call service for individuals who are interested in finding out their balance through the service. Let’s start.

UBI Balance Check Number

The Union Bank of India’s Missed Call Service for Account Balance features and advantages Some of the characteristics and advantages of the Union Bank of India missed call service to check one’s balance are listed below:

  • It costs nothing to use this mobile banking service.
  • The missed call service is available to all clients who have registered their mobile devices with Union Bank of India.
  • Customers who already have the service must send Union Bank of India an SMS request in order to activate it.
  • If a Union Bank of India customer happens to have numerous accounts with the bank, the last active account’s balance will be communicated to the consumer as soon as the call is missed.
  • Only domestic mobile numbers can use Union Bank of India’s missed call mobile banking service.

Using the Union Bank of India Missed Call Service: Steps Customers must do the actions listed below in order to use this mobile banking missed call service.

  • The client must first confirm that Union Bank of India has his or her cellphone number on file.
  • In addition, the consumer must turn on the service. To activate the service, contact Union Bank of India’s customer care department via phone or message.
  • Once everything has been resolved, the consumer only has to make a missed call to the toll-free line at 09223008586.
  • Union Bank of India will provide the client the account’s most recent balance as soon as the client leaves a missed call.

Application & SMS Banking Service

With the help of SMS Banking, you may check your account whenever you want by receiving real-time information regarding account activity. Every time a credit or debit exceeds your chosen limit, an SMS will be sent to you as a notification. You may rapidly identify any unauthorised access to your account using SMS Banking.

Additionally, SMS Banking enables you to send an SMS to quickly view your account balances and mini statements. Additionally, this service provides other features like:

Safety: You will receive notifications for any transactions that go over the limit you choose, giving you the most recent data on your transactions.
Convenience: By checking your account online, you may save time and effort by not having to go to a bank or ATM.
Updates: You will automatically be informed of deposits, loan instalments, changes to interest rates, and the introduction of new products.
Accessibility: You may use this service from any location in the globe, even while travelling.

To Block ATM Debit CardUBLOCK<space>Last four digit of debit card Number (e.g., UBLOCK<space>1234 sent to 09223008486)
Balance Enquiry  Primary account balance: UBAL (e.g., UBAL sent to 09223008486) Other account balance: UBAL<space>Account number (e.g., UBAL<space>566802071234567 sent to 09223008486)
Mini StatementPrimary account statement: UMNS (e.g., UMNS sent to 09223008486) Other account statement: UMNS<space>Account number  (e.g., UMNS<space>566802071234567 sent to 09223008486) 
Cheque StatusIf cheque is from Primary account: UCSR<space>cheque number (e.g., UCSR 51236985 sent to 09223008486) If cheque is of other account:  UCSR <space> cheque number<space>Account number (e.g., UCSR<space>51236985 566802071234567 sent to09223008486)
Door Step BankingUDSB (e.g. UDSB sent to 09223008486)
Know the Nearest Bank BranchUBRANCH<space>Pin Code<space>Location/city (e.g., UBRANCH<space>400076<space>Powai sent to 09223008486)
Know the Nearest ATMUATM<space>Pin Code<space>Location/city (e.g., UATM<space>400076<space>Powai sent to 09223008486)
Aadhaar Number SeedingUID<space>Account Number<space>Aadhaar Number (e.g., UID<space>566802071234567<space>234567891234 sent to09223008486)