IOB Mobile Number Change, How to Change Indian Overseas Bank Mobile Number

How to update your Indian Overseas Bank phone number using an ATM, Dear Friends: Once again, welcome to a new blog article where we will explain how to change the cellphone number of any bank using an ATM.

IOB Mobile Number Change

Folks, although changing your registered mobile number online through net banking is an option, not everyone uses it, thus I’ll explain how to do it using an ATM machine.

IOB Mobile Number Change form

You will need your ATM card and the card’s PIN information first. So long as you have these two items, changing your cellphone number at an ATM is possible. This video explains how to change your cellphone number from an ATM machine step-by-step. 

You may learn more if you choose by watching the video or by reading the rest of the post. Please take note that you must utilise the ATM of the bank whose cellphone number you need to update. You must visit an SBI ATM to alter it because your bank account is with them. You are unable to switch to another ATM.

Step 1: is to go to an ATM machine and receive your ATM card. Swipe must be completed immediately after you see the message “Please Pick Financial Service.” You must choose “Register” from the menu.

Step 2: Enter your PIN code and click the Confirm button after selecting the “Registration” button.

IOB Mobile Number Change, How to Change Indian Overseas Bank Mobile Number

Step 3: Click the button here to register a mobile number.

Step 4, requires you to choose “Change Mobile Number” from the menu.

Step 5: Next, choose the “Correct” option and enter your new mobile number or the updated mobile number that you wish to update.

Step 6: At this point, a notice will appear on your screen informing you that the bank has issued you an OTP and reference number through SMS to both your old (old) and new (new) cell numbers. Which reference number and OTP are required to be sent to this number? (567676).

Each bank has a unique number, so you may receive a different one depending on your bank. Regardless of the number you receive, you must enter your reference number and OTP. If you don’t have your Purana number handy, you’ll need to go to the bank and let the bank employee know. They’ll offer you a paper to fill out, which you can use to update your new cell number without revealing your old one.

last step You’ll receive a certain kind of SMS, and you’ll need to reply with the OTP and Reference number as seen in the second image.